Analysis Assignment

English 101-0930 Fall 2019

Analysis Assignment 

Proposal due February 8th in class

First Draft due February 15th in class

Final Draft due February 22nd by 11:59pm


500-600 words


This is the first of our three essays this semester. For this essay, you simply need to do a deep reading of either:

Two Years Are Better Than Four by Liz Addison p. 365


Gender Roles in Same Sex Relationships by Stephen Mays p. 596


I want you to choose a stance from which to write your essay, and I want you to think about the essay like a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end.


The story can be your experience of reading the work. It could be that your viewpoint changed. It could be that the reading led you to a different way of thinking, or it could be that somehow the reading related to something happening in your life at the moment, or it could be something completely different. As long as you are able to express your ideas in a way that your peers can understand, the analysis is your choice.


Here are some questions you can think about as you write:

  1. If your audience is to be your classmates, what would you like to say to them about this essay?
  2. What is your stance about the reading? Do you like it or not, and why?
  3. Did your point of view change because of the reading?
  4. Which parts of the reading do you like or dislike?


I want you to choose three parts of the reading to illustrate your point. At least one part should be expressed as an in text citation using MLA format, which we will discuss in class. The other two parts can be summarized if preferred.




A – The essay has a clear stance, stays focused, and has a beginning, middle and conclusion. It contains three references to the work including one in text citation using MLA format.

B – The essay is mostly clear and focused. It contains at least two references to the work being discussed.

C – The essay is somewhat clear and focused. It contains at least one reference to the work.

D – The essay is mostly confusing. It contains no reference to the selected work.

F – There is no essay.