Final Exam Talking Points

  • Dilemma —
    a dilemma is when a difficult choice has to be made between at least two possibilities, 
 usually equally undesirable possibilities
  • Omnivore —
    a person or animal that can eat both plants and animals for food (The worksheet for Pollan further defines terms like vegetarian, vegan, herbivore, and carnivore.)
  • Ethical Decisions and Responsibility —
    the process of evaluating and choosing something with the desire to do what is right regardless of the cost
  • Consumption (food and in general) —
    the using up of a resource (food or other materials); the total amount of food that is available to eat in a town/state/nation; the total amount of food a person eats;
  • Conviction —
    a firmly held belief or opinion
  • Production and/or Products —
    the process of making something
  • Moral Justifications —
    a process of evaluation where a person attempts to make a morally questionable act seem right
  • Culture —
    the customs of a particular people, nation, or other social group