March 21st

Hello All,

Today we will meet in the Virtual Classroom. (If there are any issues, this is our alternate Virtual Classroom.) I will run group activities from 9am-11am today. From 11am-12:40pm, you can either take independent study, or stay on to talk with me. Today’s session is fairly informal, so if you need to come and go, that is fine. We’ll discuss how to make this work most efficiently moving on.

We’ll be talking about the Synthesis Assignment. Thank you to those of you who have sent me your drafts.

I’d like to take any questions you have about our remaining assignments. I have some news about the Final Exam, and I want to spend a little time looking at the Final Exam materials again.

We’ll fit in a word game and a short journaling exercise today, and I want to ask how many of you are interested in having a guest speaker next week.

If you have any difficulty connecting to the internet or other technological or equipment issues, please let me know as soon as possible.

See you in class!


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