April 11th

Hello All,

There will be an optional zoom meeting this Saturday April 11th from 10:30am until 11:30am. I will remain until 12:40pm if enough people wish to do so. Please remember I am available to answer questions or meet with you individually by appointment if you email me at ybrener@bmcc.cuny.edu or text me at 917-650-0515.

In this April 11th section, we will look at the drafts of your thesis statements or free writing in response to the Documented Paper Assignment. I will ask you to share which of the suggested readings you have looked at for this assignment.

We will also look at your responses to the Pollan and Foster-Wallace worksheets and discuss these readings, which are also available on our class website under the drag down menu for Readings and then Final Exam Readings.

If you have any suggestions for short videos or tutorials I can share with the class, please let me know. I will also record any relevant sections of Saturday’s zoom session.

Here is a link to our online meeting with author and publisher, Steven Van Patten: SVP0404. He has offered his email, stevenvanpatten@yahoo.com, in case you have any further writing or publishing questions and you can also find more information on his website: https://www.brookwaterscurse.com/

See you in class!

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