Final Grades

Hello All,

Congratulations on finishing all your work for this class! You all submitted some wonderful essays for the Final Essay Exam, and you should be proud of your hard work.

I have graded your Final Essay Exams, and all work that has been submitted, so you can now see your Final Weighted Grade by going to Tools, and then My Grades. I will give until Wednesday 05/20 for anyone to make any comments or queries about their grades.

I have allowed until 05/18 at 11.59pm for anyone who wants to submit a late Documented Paper. If anyone wants to take a make up Final Essay Exam, I need to receive your request by 05/19 at noon, and you would then have from 05/20-05/22 to complete the new Final Essay Exam.

Those of you who want to claim the CR or NCR option will need to wait for the registrar to receive my final grades. You need D- or above to claim a CR. I will submit to the registrar after I have responded to all queries, or 05/22 at the latest.

I will post a final message once the final grades are posted to the registrar.

Have a wonderful Sunday,


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